Zoning Compliance Permit

The Hillsborough Planning Department issues Zoning Compliance Permits (ZCPs) for activities that are regulated under the Unified Development Ordinance on property in the town limits and in the extraterritorial jurisdiction. In some cases, a building permit may also be required. Building permits and inspections are handled by the Orange County Planning Department.

A Zoning Compliance Permit is issued for:

  • Site changes, such as relocating or expanding an existing structure, or constructing a new building, accessory building, deck or fence.
  • Installing new signs or changing the location, sign face, or message of an existing sign.
  • Changes of use, such as moving a business into an existing non-residential retail or office space.
  • Operating a business out of your personal residence.
  • Temporary and event signs, including sandwich boards and banners.

To apply for a Zoning Compliance Permit please fill out the application form (linked at bottom of page) and return it to:

Planning Department
Town Hall
P.O. Box 429
101 E. Orange St.
Hillsborough, NC

Fax: 919-644-2390

Once submitted, the processing time for a permit application is typically 1-2 business days.

For more information, email or call 919-732-1270, ext. 85 or 73.