As of Wednesday, Aug. 19, the status of the Hillsborough West Fork Eno Reservoir is the following:

  • Depth: 41.3 feet
  • Percentage Full: 93.8 percent
  • Days of Water Supply Remaining: 309
  • Average Hillsborough Water Usage for Week Ending:
    • July 3: 1.375 million gallons per day
    • July 10: 1.233 million gallons per day
    • July 17: 1.365 million gallons per day
    • July 24: 1.344 million gallons per day
    • July 31: 1.333 million gallons per day
    • Aug. 7: 1.381 million gallons per day
    • Aug. 14: 1.217 million gallons per day

The reservoir is about 20 inches below full. The minimum release for August through October is 1.0 cubic feet per second (449 gallons per minute, 0.646 million gallons per day) to maintain adequate flow in the Eno River. This is currently being exceeded by the controlled discharge. At the current water use rate, the town has approximately 309 days of water remaining. Average Hillsborough water use during the last four weeks is 1.319 million gallons per day (a 2.9 percent decrease from the previous four-week period). Compared to the same four-week period in 2014, the town is using 5.6 percent more water.

Water customers are not currently subject to any use restrictions. The town is currently subject to Stage 1 water withdrawal restrictions, which limit withdrawal from the Eno River to 1.51 million gallons per day without any additional WFER releases, due to low flow in the river.

Lake Orange is full.