Status of the Hillsborough West Fork Eno Reservoir:

  • Last Updated: June 30, 2015
  • Depth: 42.2 feet
  • Percentage Full: 97.1 percent
  • Days of Water Supply Remaining: 317
  • Average Hillsborough Water Usage for Week Ending:
    • May 22: 1.305 million gallons per day
    • May 29: 1.289 million gallons per day
    • June 5: 1.195 million gallons per day
    • June 12 1.270 million gallons per day
    • June 19: 1.413 million gallons per day
    • June 26: 1.458 million gallons per day

The reservoir is about 9 inches below full. The minimum release for June is 1.8 cubic feet per second (808 gallons per minute, 1.163 million gallons per day). For July it is 1.4 cubic feet per second (628 gallons per minute, 0.905 million gallons per day), which is currently being met by controlled discharge. At the current water use level, the town has approximately 317 days of water supply remaining. The average Hillsborough water use during the last four weeks is 1.334 million gallons per day (a 6.5 percent increase from the previous four-week period). Compared to the same four-week period in 2014, the town is using 6.9 percent more water.
Hillsborough water customers are not currently subject to any water use restrictions. The town is currently subject to restrictions which limit its withdrawal from the Eno River to 1.51 million gallons per day without any additional WFER releases.

Lake Orange is full.