Wastewater Treatment Plant

The plant is located at 355 Elizabeth Brady Road.

Phone: 919-732-2681

Mission Statement

To protect, preserve and enhance the Eno River by managing the wastewater treatment processes in an efficient and economical manner.



Instill in our customers a sense of pride and contentment knowing that their local wastewater utility is diligently working to provide outstanding environmental protection for today and for the future generations to come.


  • Provide good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us by Hillsborough residents and customers.
  • Treat the wastewater to a quality that provides a healthy environment for the Eno River aquatic life, the downstream recreational users and the downstream drinking water supplies.
  • Manage the biosolids program in a way that is beneficial to the environment and to the local farmers who use the product.
  • Proactively work with pertinent local and state agencies, organizations and individuals to monitor and protect the region's water, soil and air environments.

Upgrade and Expansion Project

The town started an estimated $19.2-million upgrade and expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in October 2011. The Phase 1 project is expected to be completed in fall 2013. It was needed due to stricter state regulations that have reduced the plant’s capacity from its original 3 million gallons per day to 1.2 mgd — the town’s current wastewater influent flow rate. Read about the upgrade and expansion project on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion Project page.

Unique Vehicle

Check out a unique utility vehicle at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the video link below. Besides helping employees in their work, the vehicle has an added wellness benefit.

  Wastewater Treatment Plant's unique vehicle video


Operation and Maintenance Excellence: The Hillsborough Wastewater Treatment Plant was the 2009 recipient for the Central North Carolina Operation and Maintenance Excellence Award. Read about the plant and the award by clicking on the excerpt from the Spring 2010 Citizens Newsletter.


  • Utility Mechanic 3 Alvin Robertson earned a 2011 Silver Award for Innovation from the town for addressing odor control issues in the town’s sewer system and saving the town an estimated $45,000 annually. For more than a decade, odor and excessive hydrogen sulfide had been a problem with parts of the town sewer system. Following up on a tip foran alternative way to control the odor, Robertson found it could be managed by pumping more often. This keeps the sewer flow volume as low as possible in wet wells, reducing growth of odor-growing bacteria. Small amounts of Clorox applied to problem areas also helped eliminate the bacteria. The chemical feed system at the stations was abandoned, and the town bought a $1,500 meter to monitor hydrogen sulfide levels.
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