Tree Board

The Tree Board is responsible for hearing requests from citizens regarding planting, maintenance and removal of street and park trees. It also is responsible for establishing guidelines for spacing of trees on town property.

Treasure Trees

The board's Treasure Trees Program is intended to create awareness of and give recognition to the preservation of significant trees in the Hillsborough area. A significant tree may be on public or private land, and can be recognized for its historic value; beauty; value to wildlife; or exceptional size, age, shape or color.


The board meets at 9 a.m. the third Wednesday of each month in the Town Barn, located at 101 E. Orange St. on the Town Hall campus. Parking is accessed from East Corbin Street.


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Current Membership

Name Term Start Term End
Frances Harris / Vice Chair 06/01/2015 06/01/2018
Bryan Stuart / Member 02/09/2015 02/21/2018
George Campbell / Member 01/12/2015 01/17/2018
Elizabeth Waters / Ex-Officio 05/21/2014 05/17/2017
Dana Dannehower / Member 04/16/2014 04/15/2017
Andrea Lewis / Chair 05/06/2006 12/31/2016
Phil Ray / Member 08/09/2010 08/09/2016
Gregory Yavelak / Ex-Officio 06/08/2012 06/08/2015
Karen MacAulay / Ex-Officio 05/11/2012 05/11/2015

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