Board of Commissioners

Hillsborough's elected leaders are (from left) Mayor Pro Tem Brian Lowen, Commissioner Kathleen Ferguson, Commissioner Evelyn Lloyd, Mayor Tom Stevens, Commissioner Eric Hallman and Commissioner Jenn Weaver.

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners acts as the town's legislative body, establishing policy and law. It includes the mayor and five commissioners.

The mayor and commissioners serve part time, and are chosen through townwide nonpartisan elections. The mayor is elected to a two-year term, serves as the presiding officer at Board of Commissioners meetings, and acts as the head of the town for ceremonial purposes. The five commissioners are elected to staggered four-year terms.

Meeting Schedule

The board meets in the Town Barn, located at 101 E. Orange St. on the Town Hall campus. Parking is accessed from East Corbin Street.


The link below provides access to meeting minutes of the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners. Minutes are available from late 1996 onward.

Contact Information

The mayor and Board of Commissioners can be emailed as a group, or the links below can be used to contact them individually.

Current Membership

Name Term Start Term End
Kathleen Ferguson / Commissioner 12/09/2013 12/11/2017
Jenn Weaver / Commissioner 12/09/2013 12/11/2017
Tom Stevens / Mayor 12/09/2013 12/14/2015
Evelyn Lloyd / Commissioner 12/10/2007 12/12/2015
Eric Hallman / Commissioner 12/10/2007 12/12/2015
Brian J. Lowen / Mayor Pro Tem 12/10/2007 12/12/2015

Meetings in the Next 60 Days

Agendas and Minutes Archive