Rail Station Small Area Plan

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The Rail Station Small Area Plan is a conceptual site and land use plan for the 20-acre tract of land owned by the Town located off of Orange Grove Street.  Proposed land uses are a rail station building with space for municipal meetings and a police station; a fire station, and space for a civic arts center. On the eastern portion of the site, high-density commercial and residential land uses are suggested.  Phasing options have been considered as well.  In addition to the conceptual site plan for the Hillsborough tract, a general transportation network and set of land uses is proposed for the adjacent Collins property.

The Rail Station Small Area Plan was adopted by the Town Board on September 9th, 2010. View the PowerPoint presentation to the board.

Rail Station Small Area Plan Task Force

The Small Area Plan Task Force, the second rail station task force, was commissioned by the Hillsborough Town Board in June 2009 with the goal of recommending appropriate land uses for the Hillsborough property as well as supporting land uses on the greater Collins property.

The Rail Station Small Area Plan Task Force was made up of the following members:

Tom Campanella - Hillsborough Planning Board
David Daniel - Architect, HYAA affiliate
Mary Donegan - Expertise in Planning/Econmics, Hillsborough Parks & Recreation Board
Michael Gering - Hillsborough Town Board
Paul Guthrie - Orange Unified Transportation Board Rail Station Task Force
Mike Oechsle - Landscape Architect, HYAA affiliate
Elizabeth Read - Alliance for Historic Hillsborough
David Remington - Hillsborough Planning Board
Bryant Warren - Hillsborough Planning Board

Rail Station Task Force

The initial task force was a joint advisory task force appointed in October 2008, with the task of defining the criteria for selecting a rail station site in Hillsborough and recommending a location to the Hillsborough Town Board and Orange County Board of Commissioners.

This task force was also charged with investigating the established funding criteria and procedural steps to proceed with development of a station and with describing a schedule of tasks to be accomplished prior to initiation of service.

The Rail Station Task Force members included:

Dan Barker - Orange County Transportation Services Board
Rick Brewer - Hillsborough resident and train commuter
Thomas J. Campanella - Hillsborough Planning Board
Bryant Colson - Orange County Economic Development Commission
Paul Guthrie - Orange Unified Transportation Board
Pip Merrick - Alliance for Historic Hillsborough
Art Mines - Orange County resident and train commuter
Holly Reid - Walkable Hillsborough Coalition, Special Transit Advisory Commission
Stephen Whitlow - West Hillsborough resident
Jennifer Williams - West Hillsborough resident

Location Selection Report

After preliminary findings, the Rail Station Task Force recommended the Town-owned parcel located at the end of Orange Grove Street as the best site for a rail station.