Future Land Use Plan - 2013 Update

The Future Land Use Map indicates the range of uses the town would favor in an area. It is tied to the zoning districts in the Unified Development Ordinance so property owners can understand the range of districts the town sees as reasonable for their neighborhood. It is important to note that a Future Land Use designation does not equal rezoning. It does not guarantee a successful rezoning request, nor does it obligate an owner to seek rezoning. The adopted Future Land Use Plan and Future Land Use Map are available as attachments at the bottom of this page.

History of the Future Land Use Map

In early 2007 Hillsborough and Orange County came to an boundary change agreement, detailed in the Strategic Growth Plan, that placed some areas prime for development in the town's extraterritorial jurisdiction and removed and returned some areas not suited to development to Orange County's jurisdiction. This agreement also established an urban services boundary for Hillsborough, which indicates the limit of water and sewer extensions as well as annexations that the town will consider. A jointly agreed-upon land use plan was needed for the areas outside the town's jurisdiction that would be subject to the Strategic Growth Plan recommendations. The town adopted a Future Land Use Map in December 2007, as mandated by the state, to indicate general land uses that were planned for different areas within the town's planning jurisdiction.

In 2012, with the rewrite of the development regulations and changing development trends, the Planning Board undertook a planning process to update the Future Land Use Map to more accurately reflect the development desires of the town.  The Town Board officially adopted the recommend Future Land Use Plan (document and map) at their meeting on March 11, 2013.  This document and map replace all previous Future Land Use documents for the Town of Hillsborough.

Future Land Use Plan March 201385.09 KB
Future Land Use Map March 20132.57 MB